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Wendy Cross

General Manager

Casey Polivchak

Director of Golf

Forty Niner Country Club

The quality of the public schools in our area and the level of preparation of the students to enter the workforce are very important to us. The Tanque Verde Unified School District has demonstrated that they educate their students very successfully and utilize their resources wisely. Quality education attracts job, protects our property values, and trains our future workforce. Supporting the youth of today to become tomorrow's leaders is the key to our community's continued strength and prosperity. 


We urge you to continue your support of the TVUSD schools and vote YES on Proposition 494 on November 

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District Governing Board

Anna Velosa, Board President

Susan Fry, Board Clerk

Jeff Neff, Board Member

Jeremy Schalk, Board Member

Vieri Tenuta, Board Member

As long-time residents of the Tanque Verde Unified School District, we understand the value of good schools and their impact on our property values. We also believe in the value of education and the need to support our schools as the centerpiece of our community.


Our local schools are the place around which we have built our history and a strong community identity. The Tanque Verde area is highly sought after as a wonderful place to live, an excellent place to raise and educate children, and a great place to enjoy retirement.


As a community, we have a long-standing tradition of valuing education and supporting our schools through locally controlled funding. That is why our schools are among the best in the state. We need to ensure the continued strength of our schools and the value they bring to our area. Please join us in voting YES to continue the TVUSD Budget Override on November 8th. 

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Michael Guymon

Tanque Verde Resident

I urge you to vote YES on Proposition 494 which would continue the Tanque Verde Unified School District's existing maintenance and operations override. The programs funded by this override are critical to ensuring that the students in our community continue to receive a high-quality, well-rounded education that parents in the district have come to know and expect. 


High-functioning and comprehensive public educational systems are the building blocks that drive a healthy and economically vibrant community. Successful businesses know this and understand that a well-educated workforce attracts more economic opportunities that offer higher wages, greater opportunities and sustainable growth.


It is more important than ever to support OUR local school district, Tanque Verde USD. Supporting our local district will help ensure Tanque Verde Valley remains one of the most unique and desirable places in the state that is in the forefront of educating our kids who are taught the necessary skills for the jobs of today and into the future. 


Please support Tanque Verde students and vote YES on Proposition 494. 

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Byrdie Lopez

Tanque Verde Alumni

As a recent graduate from Tanque Verde High School, I had an incredible experience with the dedicated teachers, academics, and extracurriculars. Recently, with the addition of new classrooms, our high school has been able to achieve the quintessential learning environment for its students. Continuous improvements are essential in nurturing the academic and personal success of each student. 

Being in the Tanque Verde School District has been a privilege and I am grateful to have received such a quality education. My hope is for Tanque Verde's children to get the best experience they can during their crucial years of childhood development so they can go on to accomplish great things. This is a collective wish held by the Tanque Verde community and is one that can be fulfilled. 

By securing your vote in favor of Prop 494, we are bettering the Tanque Verde School District and allowing growth towards the educational needs of tomorrow. We can support the wonderful teachers and staff who work hard to make our schools exceptional. I urge you to VOTE YES for Proposition 494 on November 8th to make a difference and support our Tanque Verde children. 

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Beth Peterson

Candidate for Tanque Verde Unified School District Governing Board

As a candidate for Tanque Verde Unified School District Governing Board member, I strongly support Proposition 494.


Why vote YES? Access to technology and modern education builds the work force of tomorrow, attracts high wage jobs, creates economic opportunities, and raises property values.


A YES vote for TVUSD's Override supports our community's success. Our commitment to high quality PUBLIC education created this A-rated, top-ranking district and strong pipeline for students K-12, culminating in a 99% high school graduation rate.


A YES vote for this budget continuation is necessary to support our district's mission to offer quality, competitive education, and whole child benefits. This Budget Override is not a tax increase - this is a continuance of the local funding already in place since 2014. This investment in our people (teachers, nurses, librarians) and well-rounded programs (music, art, PE, athletics, gifted programs, career and technology education, and so much more), lays the foundation for the student experiences necessary to compete in the global economy.  Vote YES on Proposition 494

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Rocky Ferrell

Tanque Verde Resident

I am a retiree who supports the Tanque Verde Unified School District override. I don’t have kids in our schools anymore, but I recognize the key role that quality education plays in supporting our quality of life.


So frequently when speaking with people who are considering our community for employment or call it home, the question of the quality of schools is raised. The value of our homes and the development of business are linked directly to the quality of our schools.


As retirees, we need quality services, and we want to maintain the value of our homes. The override will help us on both counts.


The override will support programs that are essential to the education of our community’s next generation of leaders who will help boost our economy and development.


Tanque Verde has made great strides through difficult times in Arizona. For the health, long-term success, and future of our community, please vote yes on Proposition 494 to continue the override.

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Hunter Jones

Biology Teacher

Tanque Verde High School

I urge you to vote YES on Proposition 494 which would continue the Tanque Verde Unified School District's existing maintenance and operations override. The programs funded by this override set Tanque Verde school district apart in the Tucson area and are critical to ensuring that the students in our community continue to receive a quality, well rounded, all-American education. 

The Teachers of Tanque Verde High School strongly support this override. This allows the district to continue to provide a robust and balanced education to the families of the Tanque Verde School District, including instruction in arts, music, physical education, reading specialists, Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment level classes throughout all 
Tanque Verde Schools. 

Arizona is facing a teacher shortage, and we need to make sure the best and brightest stay right here in Tanque Verde. The override also allows us to provide competitive salaries for faculty in the district. Our students, staff, and schools need our community's support. Please make your vote count. Vote YES on Prop 494 to continue the TVUSD Budget Override continuation.